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What is orange mesh used for?

by Dijie Chen 19 Dec 2023 0 Comments
What is orange mesh used for?

The orange mesh, also known as orange safety fence, is used in many industries, such as agriculture, forestry, construction sites, crowd control, or special events, serving as temporary barriers. Its features include being lightweight, flexible, easy to carry, install, and convenient to use.

What is orange mesh made of?

The orange safety mesh (net) is typically made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, which is durable, flexible, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant. It has excellent colorfastness, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Application of Orange Safety Fence

Construction Sites:the use of safety mesh in construction sites is very common. It's employed to fence off hazardous areas, establish boundary barriers, and provide secure enclosures around construction sites, thus ensuring a safe environment for workers and pedestrians, and reducing the occurrence of accidents. This is highly necessary.

Agriculture & Forestry Fence:the orange safety net is used in agriculture and forestry for creating temporary fences, plant protection, animal isolation, and marking boundaries.

Crowd Control: in many events such as holidays and large gatherings, it is used for crowd control, creating queue lanes, and restricting areas.

Special Events: whether it's races, sports events, music concerts, or outdoor exhibitions, safety nets are used to guide audiences, create new pathways, and restrict areas, thus providing the function of a secure barrier.

Temporary Barriers: as its lightweight and easy to carry, it’s typically used as temporary barrier to restrict dangerous area,road construction working zone and emergency usage.

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