Traffic Cone

We offers traffic cones includes PVC traffic cones, PE traffic cones, rubber traffic cones, collasible traffic cones, channelizer cones & drums, cone toppers, cone bars, and cone chains. Also, we can customize traffic cones as per your request as well as colour.
Traffic cones are widely used in redirection traffic, road construction working zones, create detours, lane closure, warning pedestrians and cars, parking lot and block off safety area.
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PVC Traffic Cone

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PE Traffic Cone

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Qatar Solar Traffic Cone Lights for Hotel
PE Traffic Cone All Sizes 50cm,75cm and 100cm

Rubber Traffic Cone

Italian Standard Rubber Traffic Cone 55CM High
28" Rubber Traffic Cone 70CM High

Collasible Traffic Cone

Collapsible Traffic Cones with Flashing Light

Channelizer Cones & Drums

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Spain Road Delineator Drum Post

Cone Toppers

9 Meter Retractable Belt Traffic Cone Toppers

Cone Chains

100% Original PVC Material
Our produced road cones are all made of 100% new PVC material. PVC is a white powder with an amorphous structure. Generally, it can be colored with masterbatch or pigment to achieve the required color. It has low branching, with a glass transition temperature of 77~90°C and starts decomposing at around 170°C, making it highly weather-resistant, ideal for road cone production.
Good Flexibility
Our road cones exhibit excellent flexibility; they quickly rebound to their original shape after being run over by vehicle wheels. This characteristic gives them an advantage over PE and rubber road cones, extending their lifespan and reducing replacement frequency and customer usage costs.
High Anti-Aging Color Fastness
Outdoor plastic products often face aging issues. Our road cones incorporate antioxidant, anti-UV, and color-fast additives from the source of raw materials, ensuring they remain unaged and retain color for up to 3 years in high UV environments.
Fluorescent Orange
Specially formulated with super fluorescent powder added to the PVC material, our road cones boast high visibility both day and night, enhancing safety for drivers, pedestrians, and construction workers.
Stackable Cone Design
Our road cones feature a conical body and hollow injection-molded internal structure, allowing them to stack together for convenient packaging, storage, and transportation. This design reduces handling and transportation costs.
High-Intensity Reflective Film
Each cone is affixed with high-grade reflective film with a 5-year weather resistance, offering broad reflection and high intensity, enhancing driver and operator alertness for increased safety.
Strong Weather Resistance
Our PVC road cones utilize highly weather-resistant PVC material, capable of withstanding temperatures from -90°C to 77°C, making them suitable for hot African climates as well as cold European regions.
Production Process
These PVC road cones are manufactured using injection molding, ensuring fast production, low costs, and an attractive appearance with smooth surfaces and strong texture.
Wide Variety
Available in various colors, heights, and weights, including red, fluorescent orange, green, blue, white, pink, etc. Heights range from 30cm to 90cm, with different weights for customization.
We accept custom requirements from clients, such as logo printing, embedded mold logos, or any unique design needs, providing mold design and production services accordingly.
Compliance with MUTCD Standards
Our PVC road cones fully comply with the standards set by the United States Federal Highway Administration's "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices."

Types of Traffic Cones
There are many types of road cones, and according to different criteria, there are many different classifications. Below, we list several common classifications. According to material, function, national standard, production process, size, color, and weight, they are completely different.

In terms of material, there are PVC traffic cones, PE traffic cones, and rubber traffic cones. PE traffic cones are made of LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) and produced by blowing mold. PVC traffic cones are made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and manufactured by injection mold. Rubber traffic cones are made of recycled rubber and manufactured by rubber extrusion mold.
In terms of function, there are road cones, highway cones, safety cones, caution cones, channelizer cones, construction cones, and roadworks cones.
In terms of standards, there are the US standard MUTCD, European standards, and Australian standards.
In terms of production process, there are flow molded cones, injection molded cones, and rubber molded cones.
In terms of color, there are fluorescent orange, lime green, white, blue, red, pink, black, and so on.
In terms of weight, there are light-weight cones and heavy-duty cones.
In terms of size, there are several sizes below:
12 Inch Cones (300mm)
18 Inch Cones (450mm)
28 Inch Cones (700mm)
30 inch Cones (750mm)
36 Inch Cones (900mm)
39 Inch Cones (1000mm)

Flow Molded Cones vs Injection Molded Cones
Flow molded cones are made of PVC material with one complete piece, it’s all in red or fluorescent orange. The weight is lighter than injection molded cones, and more soft and flexible, also the price is cheaper and easier to carry and stack.
Injection molded cones are made of PVC material and rubber base interlocked with the cone body. The weight is heavy and much more stable under the wind. It’s more suitable for highways and airports for safety control.

Traffic Cones Application:
The traffic cones are widely used in work areas, athletic events, obstacles courses, games parking lots, metro cones, freeway and highway(must have reflective collar to meet local regulation), barrier warning(fixed-point inspection by traffic police), metro cones etc.